Nothing is more important than our health and our children's health and wellbein

Nothing is more important than our health and our children's health and wellbein

a simple process to health and happiness

I have taken years of experience and  the information I have learned and applied from hundreds of books and courses over the years and I believe that this easy to implement program can be the single most effective way to get anyone to attain optimal physical,mental,and emotional health. For most it will be a starting point to a great journey and for others it will be all they need to live a much happier and healthier life. I love to be able to perform at as high a level as possible so this is just one tool in the toolbox along with strength and condition and skill work that I enjoy so much. This program is based on implementing quality habits for you and your children that over time will make a huge impact in daily performance and general wellbeing. Most health and fitness professionals and companies need to constantly sell you something to keep growing and keep the profits coming in. We all need to make a living but I want to give people the most effective tools to get started and then hold you accountable for a short period of time so that they are put on the map so to speak and become quality habits that are interchanged with your bad habits. Once they are ingrained it is up to you as the individual to take them and keep applying them throughout life to be the best you can be. I have subtracted all the complication so that as a starting point this is very doable and will have profound benefit. Then you and can take your health and growth journey into your own hands form there. 

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Get a sweat and some activity in the morning and see how much better you feel and perform all day

Get a sweat and some activity in the morning and see how much better you feel and perform all day


Start your day and end your day in a positive way and watch your life change. Life can be very hectic in the middle but morning and evening before bed we can all make space to better ourselves. I recommend an hour in the morning for adults and half that for children to be put aside for some visualization of a positive day and quality breathing. Then a good quick trigger session for movement and a sweat. Then end with getting ready for the day and a nutritious breakfast to fuel a good productive day.

In the evening in can be as easy as 10 minutes of going over wins and losses that day and unwinding without the mind chatter to get a good night sleep which is a must for optimal cognitive function and quality physical and emotional health.


This part is easy and I have taken the guess work out of it. It is up to you how much time and effort you want to put into this. I offer a very simple and inexpensive start up plan that consists of basic info to get you started on routine,exercise,nutrition,and journaling progress. Everyone purchasing even the most basic plan gets a 1 hour consult and chat with me to help you take that first step in the right direction. From there you can add everything from trigger sessions specific to you and full diet tracking with set macro/calorie intake and daily check in for accountability. With the top plan you and your children can get a hands on weekly training with me if you are in Las Vegas or a 30 minute Skype call every week to go over wins and losses for weak and what to work on the following. To build good habits I ask that everyone implement this for 90 days due to research and my own personal experience for how long it takes to really build quality habits. 

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Journaling and tracking your progress

Journaling and tracking your progress

Tracking performance

I am a firm believer in journaling your progress and believe it is a great tool for children as well as adults to be able to physically write down their wins and losses for the day and keep tabs on physical and emotional states to understand what needs to be tweaked  one day at a time. I left this component out for many years and since i have implemented it for myself,my son,and clients it has helped growth tremendously. Start with bookends and positive affirmations and add nutritional tracking so you swear the ship as needed. Without any feedback it all becomes a guessing game. You don't necessarily need to track for life. At first I believe it needs to be done to engrain it neurologically as a quality habit and to have information that will keep you in a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. Growth  for adults as well as children is a must in or we rust and fade.


Basic Plan: $100 A Month(3 month plan)

-Bookend Routines

-Neurogenesis Healthy Food List And Diet Plan

-20 Trigger Session For Morning Exercise(5 per week)

-1 Hour Consult Based On Health Questionnaire-here

Advanced Plan: $300 A Month(3 month plan)

-Everything From Basic Plan

-Individualized Diet With Set Macros And Calorie Allotment

-Full Tracking Of Food,Routines,Trigger Session,And Progress

-Daily Check In And Accountability

-Weekly Hands On Training If Your In Las Vegas Or 30 Minute Call

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