Being a father I see how distracted that kids in this tech filled age can be and it seems to be getting worse and worse with more and more gadgets designed to keep us in a virtual world. This seems to be taking a lot of kids away from the outdoors and away from physical activity, not to mention taking away any skill development on basic attention to the moment. My mission is to give adults and children alike a simple daily plan to get what is needed daily to perform well physically and mentally and have a good balanced life using the tech as a tool but not living in a virtual world and missing out on this beautiful world around us. These are the main points we cover daily in the program.

Physical Movement/Daily Sweat

Proper Breathing

Sleep And Recovery

Fuel For Neurogenesis And All Day Energy

Getting Outside For Sunlight And Earthing

Nurturing A Quality State Of Mind

There is nothing more important in this world than our health and the health of our children. Putting a little time and effort in daily will have a compound effect in our children's future. It can compound in a very negative way with poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, and a complete loss of general awareness with general kids lifestyle now. Or it can compound in a very positive way with quality morning routines with a sweat and movement after a good night's sleep followed by  fueling up with food that will promote quality growth and energy. Add the outdoors and some creative work and you will see your children start to flower into healthy,strong,and happy child just like they are meant to be.

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