The focus is getting you strong,mobile,and athletic through the three phases of my 90 day reset so that you will have the education and experience to stay strong,healthy,and resilient for the rest of your life by implementing these concepts.

Phase 1-This is the gut health phase with foundational strength and learning to track and sort sleep and recovery with metrics like HRV(heart rate variability). The main objective in the first 4 weeks is sorting gut health and getting you Leptin and Insulin sensitive through an anti-inflammatory diet and usually a quality cleanse for 30 days. I also implement an intro to breath work and CT(cold thermogenesis).

Phase 2-This is the heart phase. Regulating blood pressure through learning to move heavy things in a so called grind. Learning tension vs relaxation exercises. Here we learn to 'put it on the map' so to speak neurologically. Getting your nervous system accustomed to moving heavy things with perfect form. Then I tweak macronutrient ratios to fit the plan. I also change supplements specific to individual needs to help with getting strong through quality herbs and supplementation. Then we also take you to stage 2 of CT and breath work and add movement drills for mobility based on Z Health and Systema lower acrobatics.

Phase 3-This is the brain and/or neurological phase. Emphasis on power with explosive movements and a lot of fast twitch muscle fiber work. Again diet slightly changes and supplements change for more of a maximal neurological performance and recovery. Stage 3 CT for final push of cold adaptation and stage 3 for both breath work and movement work.

By the end of 12 weeks you should be fully capable and knowledgeable to stay healthy for the rest of your life. You will find a passion in a certain aspect of training and you should pursue that. This is a solid foundation to get you going and achieve greatness. Then you take the reins and pursue where your passion takes you in health,fitness,and wellness. I wish you a great journey!

The natural treasures that we have here in Vegas to work in.

Lake Mead

Lake Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon

Mt. Charleston

Valley Of Fire