The Big Factors

State Of Mind-We all must practice to be present moment to moment and live in coherence. Our thoughts alone have the biggest impact on our health and happiness!

Movement/Sweat-By revving our engine daily we detox and oxygenate the body while we get stronger and more resilient.

Sleep/Recovery-Quality sleep habits are a must if you want to live a long and healthy life. Sleep and nervous system recovery are the basis for how hard you can push on any given day.

Fuel-We can choose to fuel our bodies with foods that will keep us strong and healthy or foods that will cause inflammation and slowly break us down. Put the right fuel in the tank and see how your body heals itself and allows you to perform at your highest level.

Daily Application-We must apply good practices with all the Big Factors daily. We make neural connections with daily habits that are either taking us in the wrong direction or in a positive and healthy direction. There is no standing still. Life is dynamic so we are either getting better or getting worse