Hello my name is Ares Nikolopoulos and my experience simply comes from years of trial and error and traveling to many places and seeing different perspectives on training from many different cultures.

My passion as a  young man was playing football,but due to being overweight and having asthma I was not much of an athlete. After football I fell in love with Thai boxing and made it my passion and pursuit. Along the way I traveled to Thailand and the Netherlands for training and had great coaching and training partners. Especially in the Golden Glory camp in Breda, Holland where I got to train with some world champions and train under Cor Hemmers for a short while.

Also met and trained with a hero in Ramon Dekkers who I still consider my favorite kick boxer of all time. Then from strength training to mindful work and all the way to breath work and cold adaptation all kinds of  lessons and great teachers came to me in this crazy journey. This is a short list of my experiences and where my experience hails from.

-Kickboxing-Here in Las Vegas and stints in Thailand and Netherlands 

-Amateur MMA work out of Las Vegas

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer

-Superhuman Certified Coach Through Ben Greenfield

-Strength Training Internship Through PSI(Philippi Sports Institute)

-Z Health For Mobility In Las Vegas

-Breath Work Via Breathology(Stig Avall Severinsen)

-CT(Cold Thermogenesis) Work Via The Wim Hoff Method and finishing his 10 week coarse

-Lower Acrobatics Via Systema Work

-Mindful Practices Through Nature

-FLOW With The Help Of The Flow Genome Project

-Epi Paleo Via Dr. Jack Kruse

That being said, I have one goal; to teach others what I have learned from my travels and experiences and help you understand what is solid and what is pure shit. From diets to how to get strong to how to find some peace in life with a quality mindset. The path to fitness along with general health and wellness is not easy, but nothing worth gaining ever is.